Web Performance is a Journey, Not a Destination

Mehdi Daoudi

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Ten Tips for an Effective Monitoring Strategy By Dawn Parzych This is the second blog in a series of three in which I expand on some of the points raised in O’Reilly Media’s DevOps for Media & Entertainment report. The first post covered the two essential aspects of DevOps that are often overlooked: communication and empathy. Today, we dive into a more technical topic – monitoring. Monitoring is essential. It tells you if your service is up, down, fast, slow, and functioning as designed. When something inevitably breaks, a monitoring tool can notify you via alerts and help diagnose the problem. An effective monitoring strategy can allow organizations to reap significant benefits including: Protecting revenue, brand, and security Identification of issues before customers are impacted Creating feedback loops and stability Gathering information on usage and usability ... (more)

A Honeywell #Monitoring Story | @DevOpsSummit @Catchpoint #DevOps #APM

A Honeywell Monitoring Story By Craig Lowell Service providers have long been lauded for a willingness to ‘eat their own dog food,’ i.e. to use their own products or services for internal operations and/or development. For Catchpoint, that means that we use our own digital experience monitoring platform to ensure that the platform itself is running optimally. Regular tests of our own infrastructure ensure that our customers are not being hampered by performance issues on our end. For a commercial enterprise company like Honeywell, which manufactures thousands of different produc... (more)

FinTech’s Performance and User Experience | @DevOpsSummit #Agile #FinTech #WebPerf

FinTech's Performance and User Experience By Craig Lowell In Michael Lewis’s 2013 best-seller Flash Boys, in which he takes a deep dive into the world of high-speed trading, he reveals how certain financial insiders had managed to game the system by reducing latency as much as possible in order to get an advantage over their competitors. Lewis showed how a fiberoptic connection that is just a millisecond or two faster than someone else’s can allow automated trading software to conduct transactions at the lowest possible prices. For the user (or machine) that had just the tiniest... (more)

Monitoring APIs | @DevOpsSummit @Catchpoint #API #DevOps #AI #WebPerf

Web Performance 101: Monitoring APIs By Kameerath Kareem We have already established the importance of APIs in today’s digital world (read about it here). With APIs playing such an important role in keeping us connected, it’s necessary to maintain the API’s performance as well as availability. There are multiple aspects to consider when monitoring APIs, from integration to performance issues, therefore a general monitoring strategy that only accounts for up-time is not ideal. What can go wrong? APIs power complex integrations and allow disparate applications to work together to b... (more)

Digital Experience Monitoring | @CloudExpo #DX #DevOps #APM #Serverless #Monitoring

Planning a Cloud Migration with Digital Experience Monitoring By Dennis Callaghan In our first installment of this blog series, we went over the different types of applications migrated to the cloud and the benefits IT organizations hope to achieve by moving applications to the cloud. Unfortunately, IT can’t just press a button or even whip up a few lines of code to move applications to the cloud. Like any strategic move by IT, a cloud migration requires advanced planning. That planning should start by asking and answering these three questions: How does the application currently ... (more)