Web Performance is a Journey, Not a Destination

Mehdi Daoudi

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Planning a Cloud Migration with Digital Experience Monitoring By Dennis Callaghan In our first installment of this blog series, we went over the different types of applications migrated to the cloud and the benefits IT organizations hope to achieve by moving applications to the cloud. Unfortunately, IT can’t just press a button or even whip up a few lines of code to move applications to the cloud. Like any strategic move by IT, a cloud migration requires advanced planning. That planning should start by asking and answering these three questions: How does the application currently perform? How will moving the application impact users? Will there be more or less latency? Can the corporate network support the additional bandwidth requirements that using the cloud will create? We’re naturally focusing on performance here because we’re a performance monitoring company. Bu... (more)

Cloud Migration Part IV: Assessing Cloud Performance with DEM 

In our previous installments of this blog series, we’ve explored why and how organizations are moving to the cloud, how to plan a cloud migration, and the importance of internet networks to the cloud. Now comes the fun part: assessing the performance of your new cloud services.  Depending on which types of cloud services you are using, your monitoring scenarios will be somewhat different. But all cloud services can be monitored with synthetic monitoring, ensuring that you are delivering a consistent experience to your internal end users or customers. Let’s look at some specific c... (more)

Monitoring APIs | @DevOpsSummit @Catchpoint #API #DevOps #AI #WebPerf

Web Performance 101: Monitoring APIs By Kameerath Kareem We have already established the importance of APIs in today’s digital world (read about it here). With APIs playing such an important role in keeping us connected, it’s necessary to maintain the API’s performance as well as availability. There are multiple aspects to consider when monitoring APIs, from integration to performance issues, therefore a general monitoring strategy that only accounts for up-time is not ideal. What can go wrong? APIs power complex integrations and allow disparate applications to work together to b... (more)

The What, Why, and How of APIs | @DevOpsSummit #API #DevOps #WebPerf

The What, Why, and How of APIs By Kameerath Kareem For over a decade, Application Programming Interface or APIs have been used to exchange data between multiple platforms. From social media to news and media sites, most websites depend on APIs to provide a dynamic and real-time digital experience. APIs have made its way into almost every device and service available today and it continues to spur innovations in every field of technology. There are multiple programming languages used to build and run applications in the online world. And just like every other language, there is al... (more)

Web Performance 101 | @CloudExpo @Catchpoint #DevOps #WebPerf #Monitoring

Web Performance 101 - Redirects By Kameerath Kareem Websites are no longer just simple HTML pages with static content—they’ve evolved into a dynamic interface with features and content that are updated regularly. Website administrators use different techniques to ensure the user is viewing the latest version of the page or content. When new features are being added to the site, or a webpage resource has been moved to a new location, you don’t want the users to have access these pages. Preventing access can be done with the use of webpage redirects. Incoming HTTP requests can be... (more)